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Kirk R. Boersma, a 1979 graduate of the University of Tulsa College of Law, practiced at firms in Tulsa for fifteen years before practicing in Dallas, Texas. In 1997 Kirk started Boersma Law Firm in Blackwell. While in Tulsa, Kirk worked at both large and small firms and concentrated on oil and gas law, mergers and acquisitions, and non-profit corporation law. In addition to preparing innumerable drilling and division order title opinions for a variety of independent oil and gas producers, Kirk served on a mergers and acquisition team that handled, among other projects, the $69 Million purchase of a publicly traded company. Kirk also provided a variety of legal services to several large non-profit organizations, including an organization with annual donations of over $100 Million. In Dallas, Kirk practiced in a small firm that represented only non-profit corporations.

After returning to his hometown in 1997, Kirk started Boersma Law Firm as a general services firm whose goal was to provide competent legal services efficiently -- and quickly. That founding mission still guides us as we strive to provide our clients with experienced and efficient services with little delay.

At Boersma Law Firm, Kirk continues to focus primarily on estate planning, probate, real estate, corporate, oil and gas, and general business law.

Academic Background  - Kirk R. Boersma:
  • 1979 graduate of University of Tulsa College of Law
  • 1976 graduate of Oklahoma State University  
  • 1974 graduate of Northern Oklahoma College


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Jennifer Reese Brock photoJennifer Reese Brock joined Boersma Law Firm in 2009 and quickly established a practice concentrating on family law, divorce, child custody, child support, visitation, adoption, guardianships, and family dispute mediation. With a bachelor's degree in psychology from Oklahoma State University, Jennifer is not only well-suited to handling the legal needs of her client, but is also adept at helping clients deal with the emotional highs and lows that are inherent in family and domestic matters. Moreover, Jennifer never loses sight of the best interest of her client -- she is eager to find the best solution to a client's problem even if that solution means negotiation or mediation rather than taking the matter to court. That is not to say, however, that Jennifer shies away from the "heat of battle" when a fight is required.
Academic Background  - Jennifer Reese Brock:  
  • 2008 graduate of University of Tulsa College of Law  
  • 2003 graduate of Oklahoma State University, B.A. Psychology



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Boersma Law Firm is a small firm that provides experienced legal services in diversified areas of practice. In business in Blackwell, Oklahoma, since 1997, Boersma Law Firm specializes in a wide variety of legal matters: real estate transactions for either the seller or the buyer; estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills; probate or administration of estates; oil and gas law; corporate law for both for-profit and non-profit entities; family and domestic law, including divorce, separate maintenance, paternity, child custody, child support, and visitation; adoption and guardianships; family dispute mediation; and general business law.